Temporary exhibition

We invite you for a fascinating walk, which is an artistic impression on the future of Silesia. A place where the past: tradition and history blend with the future: hope for a modern, innovative tomorrow. Where the passion for precision and discipline does not stifle creativity and creative spirit. Where tradition does not slow down progress and does not limit open thinking about a future that is friendly to people and nature. Where Different does not mean Strange. We warmly welcome you, our Guest, the Silesian way.

Nature, the richness of forms and the fascinating processes that rule it have always inspired people of art and science, provoking them to continuous creative exploration. Nature is constant movement, constant transformation, rebirth, and the search for a new face. The exhibition refers to this phenomenon because Silesia has many features that make it possible to call it “creativity inspired by nature”.

Displayed exhibits

Lace installation

Koniaków is a small town located in the Silesian Beskids, in the midst of a picturesque mountain landscape. This charming place is famous for its extraordinary, regional craftsmanship: laces intricately crocheted in a particular way have been produced here for generations. Each of them has a unique character, significantly surpassing folk handicrafts. Koniaków lace is a weave of threads that is a product of many hours of intricate crocheting. It is a harmonious blend of creativity and precision; a free, creative spirit framed with discipline and perfection.
The presented lace exhibition was created by 150 folk artists. The installation consists of 49 traditional Koniaków white, creamy and black doilies, referred to as “rosies”, one meter in diameter.

Nespoon is an artist creating in many areas, from Street Art and ceramics to spatial installations. At the exhibition, the work presented is inspired by the form of Koniaków lace.

“Reading facial features” installation

Silesia is transforming thanks to the energy and creativity of people their presence and commitment. The installation that reads the facial features of visitors, in a light, slightly playful form, is intended to encourage the guests to symbolically engage: their silhouette is presented against the background of landscapes characteristic of Silesia flowing behind them. Imagine that you are among us and you are building the Silesia of the future with us. Be our guest!

The Meadow installation

THE MEADOW is a kinetic interactive installation that is a metaphor for green transformation, where applying new technologies enables the recultivation of ecologically degraded post-industrial areas. Technology does not have to be nature’s enemy, on the contrary – if used properly, it can be its greatest ally and the only hope for its protection. Energy transformation allows for the rehabilitation of post-mining areas, and post-mining heaps can be transformed and turned into meadows, which are one of the most unique and endangered ecosystems in the world. All this is possible thanks to new sources of energy, but most of all the energy and determination of humans.
The installation metaphorically makes it possible to transform the energy of our movement, gesture into a virtual wind swaying blades of grass. Over 400 unique kinetic modules designed and created from scratch make it possible to silently operate the entire installation and individually control each blade in 2 axes, which in turn allows you to generate interactive, dynamic choreography of the meadow.
The panGenerator Group was tasked with concept creation, the design, development of dedicated technological solutions and comprehensive production of the installation.

Silesian garden

Now a moment for a break. In this part of the exhibition, visitors can rest in scenery evoking associations with nature characteristic of the region. It will be created by Silesian artist Beata Bojda as a structure made of natural materials: paper and wood, complemented with lighting elements. The film displayed presents selected shots of beautiful Silesian landscapes.

Exhibition creators

Ta strona korzysta z ciasteczek. Dalsze korzystanie ze strony oznacza, że zgadzasz się na ich użycie.

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