Silesian cuisine

Silesian cuisine is a mixture of influences from various cultures. We can find influences of German, Czech, Austrian and Jewish cuisine, farmer – country cuisine, abundant and greasy highlander cuisine, as well as exquisite elements of bourgeois and hunting cuisine, which is why it is an extremely diverse cuisine.

Silesian cuisine has survived in an unchanged form thanks to the multigenerational nature of Silesia (several generations living together), i.e. the tradition passed on from grandmother through mother to daughter, and the fact that Silesian women attached great importance and respect to the preparation of dishes, both on a daily basis and on holidays.

And what exactly is Silesian cuisine?
It can be described as heavy and filling. Some people even describe it as “peasant” cuisine because with dishes from this region it is impossible not to eat your fill. It is based on various types of meat, potatoes and sauces. Why does it look like this? It is mainly because the miners from these areas needed high-calorie dishes that gave them the strength for hard labour.

First of all, meal preparation was based on homemade products.
In Silesia, the most important meal was dinner. Of course, this is a meal that men ate right after returning from work. It was prepared by women whose task was, generally speaking, taking care of the home hearth. Basic dinner products included meat, cabbage, potatoes and bread. Soup could not be missed. Here, the most common were: bean soup, potato soup or cabbage soup with ribs – a true delicacy! The ingredients from which individual dishes were prepared depended on the specific farm, crop and, of course, the season. In summer, people ate all kinds of fruit in spring they preferred fresh potatoes and vegetables.


12:30 p.m. Silesian food tasting recommended by Chef Remigiusz Rączka

Tasting dishes

  • Goose schmaltz on bread
  • Mature goat cheese with mountain cranberry jelly
  • Silesian moczka, a traditional festive dessert
  • Traditional wafers with honey
  • Choice of Silesian sweets; festive chocolate bars, Silesian biscuit, figs with nougat and truffles with rose petals

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